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Friday Night Lights – J.D.’s first beer, thanks to Riggins

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Sebastian’s back Guest-clacking for us again with another Friday Night Lights commentary….

After Smash Williams left the show two weeks ago, Friday Night Lights now focuses on the other character who is no longer member of this year’s Dillon Panthers — or actually hasn’t been one since the second episode. He would be out of high school if he hadn’t already left without finishing. Jason Street’s story is developing this week as he renovates the house he bought from Buddy Garrity.

Quick flashback though — after the date from hell with a wheelchair-and-pee fetishist last season he got rescued by cute waitress Erin, who then later on spent the night with him. She got pregnant, so Jason quit high school and took a job at Garrity Motors to show his support for what he would’ve loved to become his family. The conception was a miracle in itself with Jason’s kind of paralysis. He convinced Erin not to terminate the pregnancy and she gave birth to a boy, Noah.

Earlier this season we saw Jason taking over babysitting duties but that Erin also kept him at arm’s length. This didn’t change this week and it needed a pep-talk from Coach Taylor to not give up. Again the guy kept in touch with his former players and help them succeed in life. More of this next week, until then it seems the only thing Herc and the Riggins-brothers are doing for Jason is nailing themselves to the wall — literally.

This week’s episode title to me was a little bit misleading — J.D. McCoy wasn’t the focus of the episode at all. He was in it, but who really cares that the little guy finally made QB1 and struggles with it? Coach Taylor told Riggins to show the guy around, to integrate him more into the town and show him a good time but do we really think that getting drunk one night gets the guy anywhere? He’s fifteen for God’s sake, did he really hit puberty already? I mean he has muscles but honestly does growing up mean getting hammered and finding out who of the town’s girls is an easy lay? Great work FNL writers. The guy’s almost a child and Lyla even helps Riggins dragging him around. Not really my idea of a good story for the little guy.

In other news: Matt Saracen gets it on with Julie Taylor and the Rodeo Clown showed his true colors towards Tyra Collette. FNL still is a rollercoaster ride of emotions. More of that next episode when we find out if more limbs get nailed to walls or not.

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