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Bachelor Pad – No applause from the peanut gallery

Nature abhors a vacuum. Stag leaving the Pad proved that point once again. Here’s a Guest Clack from guest clacker Maurice, for ABC’s ‘Bachelor Pad’.

by Guest Clacker

Battlestar Galactica, meet Outlander: A hot tryst awaits

Rosie’s back guest clacking for us again, speaking unending joy and praise for the ‘Outlander’ series Ronald D. Moore plans to bring to television.

by Guest Clacker

American Ninja Warrior’s Ryan Thompson: Even ninjas attack breast cancer

Even if you’re not a fan of G4’s action-packed sports entertainment show ‘American Ninja Warrior’, there’s one guy you should get to know: Ryan Thompson, the guy in the pink shirt.

by Guest Clacker

Being Human – Truth’s a beast

Even though their stories have diverged through the seasons, the trials and tribulations of the ‘Being Human’ trio remains similar on the US and UK versions.

by Guest Clacker

Guilty pleasures: Bad TV we watch anyway

Ah, summer; for millions across the country, it means hitting the beach, dinner on the patio and more time with friends and family. For me? It means deliciously terrible TV shows.

by Guest Clacker

Community’s weird and wacky season three finale – Open Letters

Why can’t I get on board the ‘Community’ fandom train? It’s everything a great show should be. …

by Guest Clacker

Does House ever surprise you?

‘House’ has a definite formula for most of its episodes, but sometimes, the writers toss a curveball or two.

by Guest Clacker
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