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American Idol – The obvious winner won

With one of the best two-hour finales ‘Idol’ has ever put on, we were taken on a rather nice ride through the season with super guests and interesting performances leading up to the announcement of the season 11 winner. Do you agree with the public’s decision?

by Michael Noble

American Idol – Down to the wire with the last two contestants

For me, picking the winner this season is a no brainer. The kid from Leesburg, Georgia has got this competition in the bag.

by Michael Noble

Ratings Clack – Finales everywhere. That’s good, and bad.

A week full of finales brought good news for some (‘Once Upon A Time’, ‘How I Met Your Mother’, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, ‘NCIS’), and not so good news for others (‘Suburgatory’, ’30 Rock’, ‘Community’, ‘Touch’).

by Brett Love

American Idol – The finale is set

It’s not what I wanted going into the finale, but it will be worth it come next week to close out the season.

by Michael Noble

American Idol – Why aren’t the top 3 contestants blowing it out of the park?

Guys: We’re in the 8th inning of a 3-way tie. You should be wailing and putting it out there like there’s no tomorrow because … next week? It’s the finale. This was your last best chance to get there.

by Michael Noble

Ratings Clack – Community, 30 Rock, and Parks & Rec renewed, despite ratings

As upfront week hits, almost all of the renewals and cancellations have been announced. This week we run through which shows will be returning, and which will be readying those complete series DVD sets.

by Brett Love

American Idol – We have our Top 3

Hollie Cavanagh didn’t have the fan base to support her and that’s why she was eliminated from ‘Idol.’ But another contestant needs more than good pipes to win the day in the end.

by Michael Noble
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