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Fringe’s Jasika Nicole spills the beans about the show and cast

Jasika Nicole from ‘Fringe’ sat down for a roundtable interview at San Diego Comic-Con to discuss the show’s fifth and final season.

by Carla Day

Fringe says a final farewell at San Diego Comic-Con

‘Fringe’ was renewed for a fifth and final season that will be starting this fall. The celebration will begin next month at San Diego Comic-Con! The ‘Fringe’ cast and producers will be there to say farewell to fans!

by Carla Day

What was your favorite network finale this season? – Poll

The regular television season officially came to an end last week, so we took a look at all the finales and picked our favorites. What was your favorite season or series finale? Vote!

by Carla Day

Ratings Clack – Community, 30 Rock, and Parks & Rec renewed, despite ratings

As upfront week hits, almost all of the renewals and cancellations have been announced. This week we run through which shows will be returning, and which will be readying those complete series DVD sets.

by Brett Love

Fringe – It’s a brave new world after all

After a long week of waiting, the second half of the ‘Fringe’ finale aired! Did William Bell succeed in creating a new world? Or, was the Fringe team able to stop him?

by Carla Day

Ratings Clack – Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and 90210 renewed

As we head to the finish line for the season, more renewals are rolling in. CW has given golden tickets to ‘Vampire Diaries’, ‘Supernatural’, and ‘90210’, while HBO has tapped both ‘Veep’ and ‘Girls’ for second seasons.

by Brett Love

Fringe – What is the Cortexiphan doing to Olivia?

In the first part of the “Fringe’ season (yes, season, not series!) finale, we find out that David Robert Jones isn’t the big bad … instead he is working for someone!

by Carla Day
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