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Fringe – Home is where the heart is

After last week's visit to the future, 'Fringe' returns to the present in "Worlds Apart." Both sides must make an important decision to derail David Robert Jones. Will they make the sacrifice?

- Season 4, Episode 20 - "Worlds Apart"

When we first met Fauxlivia and Walternate, you couldn’t help but not like them. They were manipulative and willing to sacrifice our universe to protect their own. Oh, how things have changed.

Even before Peter got into the machine and changed the two universes forever, it was easy to care about them. Fauxlivia gave birth to Henry, we met the sexy, strong Lincoln Lee, the unknowingly witty Alt-strid, and even another Charlie.

The situation changed drastically after the whole machine-erasing-Peter thing. Yes, Walter had still crossed over to try and save Peter, but when Peter died, so did Walternate’s hatred of our side. That combined with the machine healing them, the alters were likable without anger and hate.

I grew to like them … a lot. When Alt-Lincoln died, it was painful. Even though he wasn’t the same Lincoln there by Fauxlivia’s side during Henry’s birth … he was. At least, we still had our Lincoln, right? And, the potential for him to find love with the other Olivia was promising. Something you wanted to see happen, right?

But, David Robert Jones has plans. And, that means sacrifices.

Both sides decided to turn off the machine and shut down the bridge between the two universes. And, with that, it presumably means no more contact between the two sides. I never would have imagined the sadness I felt when the alt-characters disappeared to never be seen again. Sad … very sad.

That is the power of Fringe. Yes, it is just a television show, but still, the heartache of the situation and characters was so real. The meeting of Walter and Walternate in the hallway is something so unexpected, even for the new Walternate. The understanding of each other and acceptance.

And, Peter’s “home is where the heart is” comment to Lincoln spurred his decision to go to the other side to be with that Olivia. Everyone ended up right where they belonged. A decent trade between the sides: Peter Bishop for Lincoln Lee. And, both destined to be with their Olivia.

Walter said it perfectly, “I think I shall miss them, more than I imagined.”

But, this is Fringe. Was this good-bye forever? Perhaps, but I hope not.

Odds and Ends

  • In the “Letters of Transit,” the only future we saw was of our universe, now we have a possible explanation why.
  • In Walter fashion, he used a slide projector with old-school graphics to demonstrate David Robert Jones’s plan.
  • Now, we know what the Westfield test was all about — test run of a safe zone for Jones and his creations.
  • Loved the conversation between the Olivias about rainbows. Will you ever look at a rainbow the same way? I don’t think I will. Fringe has taught us they are precious, as is, coffee!
  • Walter just had “Don’t Break the Ice” sitting around to use in his demonstration?
  • The wave between the Astrids was the perfect send off. Touching.
  • This goodbye to the Altiverse has given me greater appreciation for the earlier episodes this season that provided insight into their characters.

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3 Responses to “Fringe – Home is where the heart is”

April 28, 2012 at 5:06 PM

Walter just had “Don’t Break the Ice” sitting around to use in his demonstration?

That was probably one of the gifts he had bought Peter (from a couple of episodes ago)

April 28, 2012 at 7:50 PM

Good call. I forgot about that.

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