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Fringe – What is the Cortexiphan doing to Olivia?

In the first part of the "Fringe' season (yes, season, not series!) finale, we find out that David Robert Jones isn't the big bad ... instead he is working for someone!

- Season 4, Episode 21 - "Brave New World, Part 1"

In a way it is difficult to review “Brave New World Part 1″ because it is only the first half of the Fringe season finale. But, there is so much to discuss. Which basically means I’m about to ask many questions, which will hopefully be answered next Friday.

What the heck is up with Olivia? How was she able to absorb the heat that was killing Jessica? Then, control the security guards? And, most of all, how was she able to treat Peter like a marionette doll without strings? Cortexiphan is some powerful stuff!

In the past, it has given her the ability to control energy, but this is something new. Are these new superpowers the reason that Alt-Nina was dosing Olivia with Cortexiphan?

The other shocker, not only is William Bell alive (which was presumed after “Letters of Transit“), but he has been behind everything that David Robert Jones has been doing. That means, Belly is most likely the one who ordered Olivia dosed with Cortexiphan. Which brings us back to the question: why?

We’ve been told that all paths lead to Olivia dying. And, in “Letters to Transit,” it’s implied that she is dead. But, does the lemon cake experiment show that is unlikely? If Olivia has Cortexiphan in her system, her body should regenerate just like the pig brain lemon cake. My prediction is that we find out that Olivia’s cut healed super quick. Could she still be alive in 2036? I hope so!

Now that the bridge between universes is closed, what is Bell’s end game? How is he going to use Olivia to take over the world?Whatever his plan, it isn’t going to be good.

It’s going to be a long week while we wait for the conclusion of “Brave New World.”

Odds and Ends

  • Loved seeing Peter and Olivia doing something as normal as laying in bed talking about househunting. And, when Olivia mentioned a nursery … awww!
  • “You brilliant bastard Billy.” — Walter
  • The Walterisms were again a highlight of the episode. No one else would smell, lick, and experiment on a log in sheet as he did.
  • Alex? That name is the biggest stretch yet for Astrid.
  • David Robert Jones is dead … again. His death was a bit odd. He seemed to think that Bell wanted him to die; that he was the bishop. But, it’s not as though Bell could have orchestrated what happened on the roof. Or, did Jones actually die from being dosed with nanites? It wasn’t clear what caused his death, except he was electrocuted and then half his face disintegrated (nice callback to season one.)
  • Astrid got to kick some ass! Of course, then she was shot. Can’t the girl get a break? Given that she was in “Letters of Transit” and ambered in the future, that means she has to survive, right? Her shooting was not nearly has heartbreaking for that reason. If she does die, I’ll feel a little cheated by being so terribly misled.

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One Response to “Fringe – What is the Cortexiphan doing to Olivia?”

May 5, 2012 at 7:25 PM

i believe he said Belly, as in William Bell

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