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Wonder Woman and CliqueClack just can’t get enough of each other

Why do we beat this horse so much? Simple. Because it just won’t stay dead.

by Michael Noble

Farewell, Smallville; it’s been a great ten years

One chapter of Clark Kent’s life comes to a close and another one opens as ‘Smallville’ ends its ten year run.

by Chuck Duncan

Smallville – Countdown to the end

With the series about to wrap up, ‘Smallville’ crammed as many characters and plots as they could into the penultimate episode and introduced the Legion of Doom.

by Chuck Duncan

Good shows gone bad

It’s hard to break up with a show that once gave you everything you could ever want. You think, ‘Have we just hit a rough patch? We’ve been through so much together!’ Still, it may be time to pull the plug with these shows that were once really good — even great — and now, well … kinda suck. Join our roundtable discussion.

by Rachel Blum-Jose

Smallville – A return to the Phantom Zone

Clark returns to the Phantom Zone to discover Zod is the big man in charge, and Oliver has a feeling he’d been marked by Darkseid.

by Chuck Duncan

Smallville – Booster Gold moves in on The Blur’s territory

Another filler episode brings Booster Gold, Blue Beetle and Ted Kord to Metropolis … and also one geek-tastic phone booth moment.

by Chuck Duncan

Smallville – The beginning of the end

Two worlds collide as Clark Luthor returns to track down and kill Lex while Clark Kent is sent to Earth Two and discovers how hated his counterpart is amongst the people of Smallville.

by Chuck Duncan
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