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Ratings Clack – Things TV doesn’t need? More rookie cops…

This spring continues to be a dark time for all of television, with lows hitting across the board. That didn’t bode well for the premiere of ‘NYC 22′ on CBS. Over on cable, HBO had their own struggles with the premiere of ‘Girls’.

by Brett Love

The Office – The one with the worst decision ever

There was a lot that was frightening about the group discussion on impotence. The best parts? Gabe saying Erin doesn’t like sex because it’s like “Getting tackled by a skeleton,” and Creed’s “Haven’t heard any complaints, wouldn’t care if I did.” Good for you, Creed!

by Aryeh S.

Ratings Clack – The B In Apartment 23 and repeat Big Bang shenanigans

Spring continues to cause havoc for the television ratings. The big story on cable remains ‘Game Of Thrones’, despite a host of Showtime premieres. On the networks, imagine a repeat finishing #1 at 9 on Thursday against all new competition…

by Brett Love

The Office – Jim and Pam really hate magicians

This week the gang throws Nellie an un-Welcome party complete with magicians, Creed’s awful original music and the codename “Pam.”

by An Nicholson

MusiClack – Reader’s picks for best television instrumental theme song

‘MusiClack’ listened to your suggestions for the best instrumental television theme song … and here they are.

by Tara Shrodes

Ratings Clack – Community returns to season highs

There was good news for ‘Community’ fans last week, as the show hit season highs in the ratings. And there was bad news for ‘Luck’ fans, as the previously renewed second season was abruptly canceled. HBO giveth, and HBO taketh away.

by Brett Love

The Office – Thanks a lot BP

Dwight commandeering Darryl’s office and literally getting removed by his hair was great, but even better was Dwight finding Creed seated at his desk. Who knew Creed was litigious?

by Aryeh S.
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