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Quotation Marks – Warehouse 13, True Blood and Teen Wolf

Join the Clique as we look back at the last (two) weeks(s) in television quotes. If we missed your favorite, be sure to share it in the comments section!

by Ivey West

Necessary Roughness – The end of the road

‘Necessary Roughness’ lives up to its title this week as the characters deal with personal drama. Matt and Dani consider their future and TK faces his shooter on the witness stand. But hey, the Case of the Week was cute and fun for once!

by Christina Furtado

Necessary Roughness – Bedazzled helmet, anyone?

‘Necessary Roughness’ brings back Gaius Charles as Razor this week. Will he survive TK’s hazing? Or, will Razor get the best of him?

by Carla Day

Gaius Charles dusts off his helmet on USA’s Necessary Roughness

Gaius Charles opens up about his new role on ‘Necessary Roughness’ — how it’s both similar and different from playing Smash on ‘Friday Night Lights,’ how his character will affect TK, and how he researched impostor syndrome for the role.

by Christina Furtado

Ratings Clack – Crimetime takes a back seat to the long ball

Baseball led the way on broadcast and cable last week, taking a bit of the shine off of premieres for ‘The Closer’, ‘Perception’, ‘Covert Affairs’, ‘White Collar’, and ‘NY Med’.

by Brett Love

Necessary Roughness – TK versus TO

Terrell Owens returns to guest star and butt heads with TK, this time over Twitter. Meanwhile, TK’s position on the team is threatened when new Assistant GM Matt gets the Hawks to draft Daemon Razor. When will TK get his head back in the game?

by Christina Furtado

Ratings Clack – Anger Management no match for a new Duncan

FX had the big story on cable with the premiere of Charlie Sheen’s ‘Anger Management’, but it was surprisingly upstaged in the viewer department by ‘Good Luck Charlie’. On the broadcast networks, NBC got the Olympic machine fired up a little early.

by Brett Love
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