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Quotation Marks – Cougar Town, Game of Thrones and Eagleheart

Join the Clique as we share our favorite quotes from the week — even as the new programming is winding down. Be sure to share some of yours in the comments if we missed ‘em.

There’s no denying it — the summer TV slump had arrived. Slowly but surely, the summer programming will start to trickle in with its first-run shows, but right now there’s very little to watch. It’s a good thing we’ve got Virgin Diaries to do here at CliqueClack, along with other fun features to pass away the summer celebrating all we love about television.

That said, there were some shiny quotes this week from a few programs we love (if you are me, you are shamelessly referring to the Cougar Town season finale, in the God-like country of Napa) — enjoy!

Cougar Town (review):

“There is this quaint little strip club in Tampa called The Stud Farm. It looks like a stable, all the snacks come in these little feed bags, and for a couple extra bucks you can ride the guys around like horses and they will nibble sugar cubes off of your bouncies.” — Laurie, on her bachelorette party plan for Jules

“You have correctly predicted the future. You are Hostradamus.” — Ellie to Laurie

“It’s clearly the same groundhog that Bill Murray used in Caddyshack.” — Jules’ analysis of Groundhog Day

“I know marrying you means marrying everyone.” — Grayson to Jules

“Do you, Grayson, take my daughter, Jules, as your wife, and to take care of or I’ll kick your ass?” — Chick to Grayson during the wedding ceremony

Rookie Blue (Review)

“Sam, c’mon. I mean, how long are we going to keep this up?” – Andy
“I don’t know, I’m in decent shape. I’d say I got another good forty years. Even then, I hear they have pills for that.” – Swarek

“Hey, you’re the cop from the billboards, right?” – Kid
“Yeah.” – Diaz
[to Nash] This one of your hotties?” – Kid
“No, she’s not a hottie [Nash gives him a look]. She’s not my hottie. You’re a … She’s a hottie … you’re a hottie, she’s just not mine.” – Diaz

Fairly Legal (review)

“What? I could care less if she’s sleeping with him.” — Ben
“Couldn’t care less. Could care less indicates you care enough to care less. Of course, how much less you could care depends on how much you do care, which is …” — Leo
“Zero! And you can’t care less than zero [Ben exists quickly].” — Ben
“True that … if that were true.” — Leo

Game of Thrones (review)

“Joffrey will. The worst ones always live.” — Sansa

“Fuck the water. Bring me wine.” — the Hound

“Fuck the Kingsguard. Fuck the city. Fuck the King.” — the Hound

“Halfman! Halfman! Halfman!” — cheers from the Kingsguard

“Oh, fuck me.” — Tyrion [when he seeing another attack coming]

Eagleheart (review)

“Have you seen this autopsy report? It says you were strangled to death.” — Chris

“For example, the amount of words a female marshal can say a month just went from 200, to 445.” — Susie

“I didn’t think my marshaling skills would translate to rangering.” — Chris

“My pastor said that the dinosaurs went extinct because they all went gay — but what a way to go!” — Brett

 Young Justice

“You’re a tourist … from the future?” — Robin
“Why so surprised? Half the meat at Comic-Con are from my era.” — Impulse

 “Keep your men back, captain.” — Kid Flash
“Protecting the city is what they pay me for, speedy.” — Police captain
“No, Speedy’s the other guy! Though history books are really unclear on the why.” — Impulse

 “Should I be concerned over the obvious delight our daughter takes in the ultra-violence?” — Red Arrow about their infant daughter
“It’s genetic.” — Cheshire


“You look like a bag of Skittles. And I love Skittles.” — Robin Thicke to a female contestant with a colorful dress on

“Robin has less and less clothing on each week.” — Quddus, host of Duets
“Next week is the Speedo episode.” — Robin Thicke’s response


Photo Credit: ABC

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