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Touch – There wasn’t much logic to follow

There are few clues and little set up on this penultimate episode of 'Touch.' But the clues we did receive could hold important information leading up to the finale ... or not.

- Season 1, Episode 10 - "Tessellations"

“Symmetry is the language of the universe …
… And when we speak the language, follow the logic, we can predict the next step …
… We just have to trust in where the path leads.”

For the most part, this was a throwaway chapter of Touch. The interconnections felt forced — especially with Tomer, a relative of Abraham — and the revelation of the “important” numbers attached to this episode coming full circle back to Martin. (Yes, this is par for the course on Touch, but it got shoved in our faces unceremoniously this time around opposed to how it’s been stipulated before. And that was a big part of the reason this hour of the show felt like filler more than anything.)

However there were a few attractants to hook us:

  • Martin may be rebuilding bridges with his sister-in-law Abigail, but he best watch his “P’s” and “Q’s” because things can’t possibly be that easily repaired. In the event she has her hands in any part of the pie, there could be manipulation outside the scope of her control.
  • Not only do we know Aster Corps has a hidden agenda where Jake is concerned, but we found they pushed the mysterious Amelia (previous resident of Room #6) too far … perhaps to her death.
  • Per Teller’s friend Abraham, we are clued in to the meaning of a few numbers which could (or could not) hold weight in The Amelia Sequence. Supposedly: “9” correlates to strife and anger, “8” to death and decay, “2” is indicative of attraction and emotional strength, “4” is connected to Venus (the goddess of love) and “5” strength and wisdom. Let’s tuck these in the back of our minds for later reference.

I would have preferred to see a more intriguing set-up leading into the finale coming at us in a couple weeks, but I know they can’t all be gems.

I’ll tell you some of what I’m expecting for the finale, though. I want to see more concrete answers regarding The Amelia Sequence, some hard revelations about Teller’s research, something substantial about Jake and what’s making up the agendas of Aster Corps, devious Sheri and Abigail.


  • Why is Abraham bordering on the annoying in the way he holds or offers information? I like his character — cryptic, wary, a bit mysterious, knowing — but I want a few more clues to his dealings and friendship with his late friend and how he concretely fits into this mix.
  • Hello! All along I was under the impression the number “6” portended death. Now we find that it’s actually the number “8.” So … where does that leave “6” … ??? Symbolizing the unknown?

Real Life Weirdness, Coincidence Or Other: The title of this episode was “Tessellations.” It just so happens my youngest daughter is studying tessellations in mathematics currently. Talk about things going ’round and coming ’round …

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