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Grey’s Anatomy – Meredith Grey is cursed

In a gory and lackluster season finale, 'Grey's Anatomy' killed off a quasi-main character and left five others seriously wounded and stranded in the woods after a plane crash.

- Season 8, Episode 24 - "Flight"

Meredith Grey is going to need to start seeing a therapist. Again. This woman absolutely cannot get a break. She’s like Typhoid Mary. Those around her whom she loves suffer and thus she suffers. And suffers. And suffers.

Since the very beginning of Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith’s luck has been absolutely lousy. Let’s review:

She hooked up with a man she didn’t know was married and watched as he went back to his wife, despite her humiliating pleas for him to pick her. She removed a live bomb from the body of a patient, then stood witness as it blew up the cute bomb squad guy. Her mother, who’d been emotionally abusive to Meredith her entire life, had Alzheimer’s and died as Meredith was being resuscitated after a suicide attempt. Her estranged alcoholic father, who was happy with the new family he’d made after leaving Meredith and her mother, blamed Meredith after his second wife died in a freakish manner while Meredith was her doctor. Her dog got sick and had to be put down. A close friend was hit by a truck and died, while another had stage four cancer, went into remission, then left. The guy for whom she’d long pined “married” her on a Post-It, but then was shot in the chest and nearly died as Meredith, who offered herself up as a sacrifice to the gunman who was killing everybody, miscarried her baby. Meredith then couldn’t get pregnant but when she eventually adopted a baby, her husband left her as punishment for her screwing up a clinical trial. Meredith’s baby was taken away by social services, then returned, and her husband came back, too, only to have the season end with Meredith and her husband involved in a plane crash where Meredith’s sister Lexie was killed. Oh, and it’s possible that Meredith could have Alzheimer’s. Shonda Rhimes probably will give Meredith Alzheimer’s.

Like I said, her luck sucks.

Killing off Lexie Grey was indeed a shocking move. It made me grab for tissues — the only time tears came to my eyes during this much-hyped finale — as she tearfully said goodbye to McSteamy, who’d dillydallied too long to tell her how he felt. (I kept thinking about what Meredith’s voice-over said in the finale years ago when George died, admonishing us not to wait to tell the people we love that we love them.) And I thought Kepner would be the one to die.

As powerful as it was to see the life ebb out of Lexie and to be left to ponder what’ll become of the remaining five surgeons, the rest of the finale left me distinctly, disappointingly cold. Seeing the Seattle Gracers stumble around in the woods with their grave injuries and no supplies a la Lost (minus the tropical environs and the Smoke Monster), wasn’t all that compelling after Lexie died. Though ham-fisted parallels were made between the medical procedures being done at the hospital and those being crudely attempted in the woods, between everyone getting gussied up for a sumptuous residency dinner with Richard and the bloodied, marooned surgeons who had no food or heat in the woods, Grey’s Anatomy lost its emotional mojo about halfway through the episode.

Did I get teary when Owen made Teddy take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when she wanted to stay and take care of him? Nope. Did I feel sad when April despaired about what will become of her as her peers take other prestigious jobs? No. Grey’s has a reputation for absolutely riveting season finales that grab you by the throat and clean out your tissue box. But, after Lexie passed, this wasn’t one of them.

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9 Responses to “Grey’s Anatomy – Meredith Grey is cursed”

May 18, 2012 at 9:39 AM

I’m not sure when the tide turned, but I really really like April now. I remember when the last “big trauma” finale happend, and Reed was shot, that I commented that I would have preferred April been the victim instead of Reed. But somewhere in the mean time, I’ve completely fallen for the character.

I never thought she was in danger though; I thought it would be Mark or Lexi. Let’s not forget: Mark isn’t entirely out of the woods yet, and Arizona has some type of internal bleeding that she hasn’t told anyone about.

I understand why they had to leave this episode the way that they did, considering where contract negotiations were with the majority of the cast when they broke/wrote the script, but it was still a little disconcerting to see just about every doctor on the way out the door of SG/MW.

May 18, 2012 at 2:04 PM

I feel like she’s always going to write the show like this, with super angst for Meredith. At this point, we either take it or leave it, I guess. That being said, I get the reason for the cliffhanger, but it was still kind of lame. Why couldn’t they have built up to Lexie’s death more in the episode?

May 18, 2012 at 8:15 PM

The episode was a big disappointment (and not just because one of only a few genuinely nice people left in the series died), like you said there was really no angst and it was more like the woman that had brittle bones a while ago and kept breaking them and saying, “cmon!”

Whole time I just felt myself nitpicking. Christina just goes and lifts Meredith, who has been lying on the floor and could have had serious spine or other injuries, w/o bothering to check her up first. Callie is waiting in her nightgown for Arizona… really??? You’re telling me after last episode Arizona isn’t even gonna text Callie about her finishing the surgery and how it went or telling her she arrived from the flight back? And Callie isn’t gonna find it strange?
Pilot isn’t gonna send a maiday or give their position after one engine fails? And I’d think there would be a trail of broken trees easy enough for a rescue chopper to see. (Ok there might not but by that time I was just getting really annoyed)

Also Derek smashing his own hand Saw style, how did his hand even “make” or get through that tiny hole in the first place w/o being smashed already, what is he, Hulk?

I know I know, most of that stuff sounds like I need to get out and breath some fresh air but when a finally leaves u thinking about all that instead of caring to see what happens to the characters, that’s just sad.

May 18, 2012 at 11:58 PM

I find it impossible to believe that no one noticed the plane had not arrived. That the surgical department doesn’t have a secretary to answer the phone, that Callie didn’t text Arizona to see how the surgery was going and when they would be back, that the pilot didn’t file a flight plan and no one at either airport bothered to check.

Lexie dying was a shock and I’m going to miss her greatly. It was bizarre to put it in the first third because everything after that was anti-climactic, especially all the stuff back at the hospital.

May 19, 2012 at 4:39 PM

I was so sad about Lexie. She has become one of my favorite characters on the show. I agree that it was weird to have that happen so soon. I hated the rest of the episode. I think it’s possible that Arizona still might not make it, giving Alex reason to stay in Seattle. But Lexie’s death actually made me cry.

July 3, 2012 at 6:01 PM

Although I like Lexie I was getting tired of the should I love Mark or not. I’m hoping they will bring some new blood into mix may someone to replace to Lexie.

May 22, 2012 at 9:47 AM

it’s so sad that they killed Lexie, I hope they kill off Mark as well he’s no good without her..

God I hope they don’t end up eating Lexie the next season, that would be SICK!!!

May 22, 2012 at 12:07 PM

I would have preferred if they got rid of Arizona instead of Lexie. That way, Karev would have Arizona’s position. Now that Teddy is gone, maybe Christina will stay with Hunt. Too bad; it would have been nice to see Lexie & Mark get together. I’m so disappointed with the ending.

July 3, 2012 at 5:56 PM

I would love to see them put Dr. Webber with someone after they kill off wife of course.

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