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An amazing breakthrough on Touch

Something happens to trigger a milestone in Jake. But ... what is it?

- Season 1, Episode 9 - "Music Of The Spheres"

Something groundbreaking happened on Touch. “It” happened.

Jake made “contact.” Literally. Physically. Consciously. Without any repercussions or consequences.

But why did it happen? Did it have to do with the fact he found that last diamond? Was it Abraham’s demeanor as he was speaking to Jake? Some sort of further contact there? Did his kind words relate to him somehow? Jake looked him square in the eye — more “contact” — when he found and placed that diamond in Abraham’s hand. It was stirring and it was confusing. And the kicker was Martin wasn’t there to witness it. But Clea was.

Additionally, we saw something else that has to be of some importance: While in Teller’s office, Jake added the missing “6” to the sequence of numbers Teller has written on the chalkboard, the missing number Martin didn’t know about. (And yes … I was under the assumption Martin did know about that number but, in fact, he didn’t. Jake gave Teller the number when he saw him at the care facility.) I still believe that number to be not only integral, but a number of “death” as mentioned previously. Again, it’s connected to Amelia’s death somehow and it’s acknowledgment of Teller’s passing. (Somehow, Teller knew this.)

And what’s the deal with this new dude, the Hasidic Jew Abraham who’s been sharing Teller’s office? All through Clea’s exchanges, he was listening in. Somehow this guy is going to turn out to be a fount of information.

The one thing that really caught my attention this episode was the musical aspect of the story. Just about everything was interconnected by music, but not in the case of Jake and his events with Abraham. As much criss-crossing as there was with music and musicality between the touchpad and the guitar and the Philipe’s sacrifice and the music shop owner, there was nothing gelling Jake with the diamonds or the Jew. Unless I’m missing something, there was zero correlation there.

We’re winding down to the last few episodes of Touch with more surprises to come.


  • The numbers 55214. Part of the continuing Amelia Sequence, yes, but their reverse was the address of the office of probation officer John Tenney. The reverse. Why? The dude wasn’t positive, he wasn’t nice. He was evil. So the number, naturally, was reversed.
  • Is it any wonder one of Teller’s best friends is an Hasidic Jew? Nope. Not in the least. Hasidic Judaism is a more mystical, emotional and spiritual than, say, Orthodox Judaism. It’s steeped in the belief of prophetic dreams, miracles and spiritual healing, all of which have been touched on (no pun intended) during the course of the show thus far.
  • Speaking of Abraham, he’s not fooling me for a moment. He knows plenty … and we’ll find out just how much.
  • Did you notice the “1604” in the sequence on the chalkboard, too? That number was from last episode. It’s the number Jake calculated based on the two sides of the isosceles triangle … remember?


“He’s not using his tablet?” — Sheri
“No. As a matter of fact, he gave it away.” — Martin
“How did you let that happen? That device can help teach Jake to talk.” — Sheri
“Maybe he doesn’t want to talk. Maybe it’s my job as his father … to just be all right with that …” — Martin

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One Response to “An amazing breakthrough on Touch”

May 13, 2012 at 8:57 AM

I enjoyed this episode; it brought back my interest for the show, which had been waning a bit the last few episodes. I’m hoping they keep up with the story arc stuff b/c the episodes that don’t have any are getting a bit too formulaic for me. Love that Abraham guy — he’s mysterious and fascinating!

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