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Grey’s Anatomy – April (needs a) shower

As 'Grey's Anatomy' rounds the corner toward the end of season eight, are people REALLY going to leave? Yes, says Shonda Rhimes.

- Season 8, Episode 22 - "Let the Bad Times Roll"

Remember when Arizona was going to move to Africa to work with children (because the real life actress, Jessica Capshaw, needed maternity leave) and Callie was going to go with her? We knew, from reading Grey’s Anatomy’s cast news, that neither actress was leaving the show, so that knowledge took some of the drama away from Arizona’s tearful goodbye and all of Callie’s talk of leaving Seattle.

But given that we’ve received no word about whether Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey and Sandra Oh are on board for a ninth season, could all this drama, all this talk of everybody taking different career paths, be intended to prepare fans for actual departures or is it all just a set-up?

According to Grey’s creator Shonda Rhimes, at least one “main” character will meet his or her maker in the season finale and it’s “a big death and it’s fairly shocking,” Rhimes told the Hollywood Reporter. She added, “The intention of [the finale] is we’re literally saying goodbye to people, and possibly more than one person.”

Let the betting begin.

After the latest episode, my money is on something bad happening to the unraveling April Kepner who epically failed her board and is thoroughly freaked about the fact that not only did she willingly lose her virginity to Jackson (and went back for more), but is worried that Jesus won’t love her anymore. She “came out” during her sweat-drenched babbling board exam as a religious person who admitted that she has struggled with being honest about who she is. Given how much unusual emphasis has been placed on April’s character over the past few weeks, I’m guessing she’s someone who’s likely to leave.

The most obvious candidate for death would be Adele, whose Alzheimer’s has been rapidly and tragically advancing. Coming on the heels of Richard exploring a romance with Jackson’s mother Catherine, this would deal him a serious emotional blow.

The biggest genuine questions involve, obviously, Meredith and Cristina. But there’s something about all of these discussions that they’re having that feels manipulative, like a big tease. Is Meredith going to Boston with Derek or not? Is Cristina staying or is she going? I’m getting weary of this prolonged debating, just get to the meat of this, to the season finale already. Of the two characters, Cristina’s story is the most interesting because we’re wondering not only if she’s going to leave Seattle and her BFF, but whether her marriage is going to make it through this rocky terrain.

As for Lexie’s declaration of love for McSteamy — all that was missing was for her to hoist a boom box over her head while playing a ballad at full volume — eh, don’t much care. Ditto for McSteamy’s latest squeeze announcing that she wants a baby.

Am I the only one who feels as though these past two board exam episodes were unnecessarily dragged out, that they’re just filler just to get us to that super-dramatic season finale? Which character do you think will say a permanent “Goodbye?”

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6 Responses to “Grey’s Anatomy – April (needs a) shower”

May 4, 2012 at 10:49 AM

I don’t think April failed her boards, she never said she did, she was just shocked. I think it was left there as a cliffhanger but I think she passed and someone else is lying–Christina did say she passed way too fast, barely looking at her phone!

I think April might be the one who actually dies, like you said, they have been putting way too much emphasis in her character.

May 4, 2012 at 11:36 AM

Why would someone lie about passing and celebrate? It’s not like that person could hide the fact that they failed seeing as the results go on record and the hospital(s) have access to that information. April acted crazy and deservedly failed.

The whole season has dragged not just these last two episodes. For a season that could potentially be the last for the original characters it has certainly underwhelmed. There was way too much April and Jackson (together and apart) in this episode and not nearly enough Alex.

May 4, 2012 at 7:09 PM

Because she never actually said it and it’s the red herring of all red herrings, something Grey’s loves to do!

May 5, 2012 at 10:57 AM

In the promo for the next episode Cristina and Meredith are still celebrating passing the boards. Alex is saying that the best program in the country wants him (and he wouldn’t be offered a job at the best program if he had failed). April, on the other hand, is seen saying that her job offer (at Baylor) was pulled and that would happen if she failed the boards.

May 11, 2012 at 1:26 AM

you were right I was wrong! =( Still makes me sad they went for the obvious fail choice >_<

May 8, 2012 at 10:56 PM

We know McDreamy is not coming back for season nine, so Derek is dead. I wish Marc Sloan would die. Kepner is a closet born-again Christian? puhleez. And I’m tired of Cristina and her whine.

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