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Smallville – The Legion of Superheroes teams up with CK to save the world!

sv20090115(Season 8, Episode 11, “Legion”)

My favorite Smallville episodes are those filled with Superman mythology. So it’s without surprise that I enjoyed “Legion” even if my least favorite character — Lana — was a major part of the episode.

Thanks to Legion of Superheroes members Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad and Cosmic Boy, we were given a glimpse as to what Clark Kent’s future will entail. Yeah, yeah, I know, we already know about it thanks to the comics, the movies, the animated series and the other TV series. But let’s face it, Smallville already messed up a lot of Superman’s mythology, so why not decide to have him end up with Lana instead of Lois while we are at it?

So what did we learn about the future? Here is what I gathered (feel free to comment to add what I may have missed):

  • A legion of superheroes is formed in the 31st century.
  • Thanks to CK’s influence, aliens are welcomed on Earth.
  • CK wears a cape in the future and uses an alias. Sadly, Garth is stopped before telling CK that he’ll be known as ‘Superman.’
  • Chloe is not part of the history books. Now that the Legion and Clark saved her maybe she will be … who knows? Was having Chloe not be part of history a nod to the fact Chloe was solely created for Smallville?
  • Lana is part of the history books. Yuck. Can’t we move on without her?

Even if I enjoyed Brainiac’s storyline, especially when James Marsters was around, I must say I’m extremely happy to see it end. It was dragged a bit too long for my taste. Somehow, I’m not 100% sure Brainiac is gone. Why not destroy the ‘Brainiac’ ball right there and then? Why really bring him back to the 31st century? It wouldn’t surprise me if down the road, Brainiac resurfaces somehow.

I’m all for Chloe being Brainiac-free but does this mean she will get less screen time? I hope not because Clark needs a sidekick who knows his secret and can help out. Even if she is, as she says herself, “a lot dumber,” Chloe is still a bright woman who can run the Isis Foundation, help the Meteor Freaks and help pave the way for CK to become Superman. One thing is for sure, Clark will need help since Doomsday didn’t seem in a good mood when he woke up at the end of the episode!

I loved how Garth was amazed at everything and anything CK-related. He reminded me of Ron Weasley entering Hogwarts for the first time! Casting for Lightning Lad and Cosmic Boy was okay but I can’t say the same about Saturn Girl. I didn’t buy the character as much as the others. Her acting was so off, at least for me, that I wondered if she could be related to either Lana or Clark when she looked at the picture of them together at the farm. Saturn Girl in the comics is not related to either… but could she be in Smallville? Maybe I’m reading into this too much. What do you think?

In any case, I enjoyed having the Legion around to help Clark out. Now that Clark has a Legion ring to travel in time, do you think he should use it? It was also hinted that there are other Legion members. Which ones should drop by Smallville to help save the day?

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6 Responses to “Smallville – The Legion of Superheroes teams up with CK to save the world!”

January 19, 2009 at 12:27 AM

allison mack plays an insanely sexy evil person!

saturn girl was pretty hott too!

January 19, 2009 at 11:43 AM

I thought Saturn Girl was fine. She was my fav as a kid. However, I thought her decision to address Lana directly slightly odd and creepy, particularly if they wanted to preserve the timeline.

Regarding “Chloe is not part of the history books” I think it’s a nod to her Smallville-creation. However, the Legion also mentioned that she might’ve changed her name or assumed another alias, which makes an opening for writers to finagle her into the legacy somehow.

Although I’ve finally accepted Batgirl will never walk again & love her as the Oracle, my 2003 self would’ve loved if BG somehow regained her wings and Chloe assumed the future Oracle mantle.

I know I keep saying this (when I keep watching ;) but I hope this is the final season. Tom Welling brought tons of energy to the role in the beginning, but this time I didn’t quite buy his wide-eyed ‘I want to save everyone’ speech and I wonder if he’s just tired of repeating it after 8 years ;)

January 19, 2009 at 1:42 PM

I’m not trying to flame you, but why the hell do you care whether or not this is the final season? No one forces you to watch any show, so this can be YOUR final season watching Smallville whether it’s on the air or not. It seems silly to me for someone to wish the demise of something which has no direct impact on thier life or well being. If you hate the show, keep it to yourself and watch Ugly Betty instead.

January 19, 2009 at 2:10 PM

Dude, you kind of are and the advice goes both ways regarding posting -

January 20, 2009 at 11:21 AM

To be fair, Lana is much less annoying this season.

As for Chloe, usually the wink-and-nod to the fans is a throwaway line that the audience knows is significant even though the characters don’t. And if the “We’ve never heard of Chloe Sullivan” line was only important for this episode’s false jeopardy, they could have just left it at that. The fact that the characters went on to discuss possible explanations for her absence leads me to suspect that this was foreshadowing for the season finale. I just don’t know if the glorious death or the name change is more likely.

No logical reason not to destroy the Brainiac ball, except that it is definitely a fan shoutout, considering the Legionnaires mentioned reprogramming his remains. The humanoid, teenage super-genius Brainiac 5 is a Legion member from way, way back in the comics, and creator of the flight rings. Amusingly for Smallville, Brainiac 5 was usually paired with Supergirl.

I doubt that Chloe will be getting less screentime. One of the long-running stories this season is her being torn between Jimmy, Clark and Davis. It would be very surprising if Doomsday didn’t remember who she was when it returns to Metropolis. And she is the lead actress on the show now.

Loved all three of the Legion founders. And I didn’t see Imra as related to Lana so much as having a massive girlcrush on her, just more subtle than Garth.

January 20, 2009 at 2:48 PM

Lana is much less annoying this season because she is much less on screen (lol)!

I rather liked the Legion, and the casting was just fine for me. It all falls back on the writing which is SO much better than previous seasons. What was that line? “Lightning Lad, you might want to take you AC foot out of your DC mouth before you short yourself out.” Funny.

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