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Glee’s Darren Criss at SDCC

Take a listen to ‘Glee’ cast member Darren Criss, who talks about what he would like to do on the show and his favororite moments of the past season.

by Tara Shrodes

Glee’s Lea Michele at SDCC

Lea Michele talks with me (and other journalists) about the character she plays on ‘Glee,’ the acting process and Barbra Streisand.

by Tara Shrodes

The seniors on Glee say goodbye

The writers on ‘Glee’ attempted to pull our hearts out and stomp those suckers flat with the finale episode. Did it work? Oh! And “someone” didn’t make it into NYADA.

by Tara Shrodes

Glee – The last Nationals for Kurt, Rachel and Finn

So, did the seniors of ‘Glee’ go out with a bang or a whimper at Nationals? And see what happened when Tina bumped her head …

by Tara Shrodes

Glee goes to the prom

While I didn’t understand why in the world Brittany would pick “dinosaurs” as a theme for the Senior Prom (I mean I know she’s dumb, but really) there were some good moments this week on ‘Glee.’ And there’s only a couple of more episodes until graduation. So what happened to rev us up for Nationals and graduation?

by Tara Shrodes

Rachel and Kurt audition for NYADA on Glee

Hey no pressure for Kurt and Rachel. They’ve just been working toward the audition for (fictitious) arts school NYADA for their whole lives. So how did they do? It appears to be that one of them was a shoe in, but perhaps not the one you think. And there’s a few other things you should know …

by Tara Shrodes

American Idol puts out a confining, strange range of songs

The years 2010 and up: What a weird grouping of songs to sing. The Idols are pigeon-holed with their choices, but that doesn’t necessarily spell outright doom for any of them.

by Michael Noble
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