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Bio: I'm the founder of the CliqueClack network. I was editor for Aol's TV Squad for three years, having also written for several other blogs in the Weblogs, Inc. network. I'm also a full-time IT Manager for a web company in Massachusetts.

Posts by Keith McDuffee

MasterChef S2’s Christian Collins again, on this season’s final three

Fellow MA resident and season two finalist of ‘MasterChef’ Christian Collins chats again about the current season and the final three going into tonight’s top-three challenge.

How’s Breaking Bad’s final season going to pick up from here?

‘Breaking Bad’ ends its fifth season on a high note, though it never hit a low in all its eight episodes.

Breaking Bad’s Walter White is irredeemable

In the latest episode of ‘Breaking Bad’, Walter White has quite possibly gone past the point of no return. Were there clues to where he’s headed in this season’s premiere episode?

Community creator Dan Harmon speaks up on his reddit IAmA

Fans of NBC’s ‘Community’ know where their loyalties lie. So when the creator of their beloved show decides to show up at a reddit IAmA post, the loyal come running … and asking, and reading.

Breaking Bad – Skyler should start doing meth

Perhaps the way to get ‘Breaking Bad’s’ Walt out of the meth business is to give him (another) clear understanding of what his product does to people.

2012 TV fall premiere and return schedule and calendar

Here’s our fully-updated 2012 fall schedule for what’s premiering on TV, and when. We will update it regularly, along with the subscribable calendar. Check back often!

Breaking Bad – Walt and Jesse trust Mike way, way too much

“You guys thought of everything!” Did we believe those words from Todd for one second? One of the most gripping episodes of ‘Breaking Bad’ this season shows just how rough things are getting … and will continue to get.

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