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Bones deals with her daddy issues

When Bones' father Max comes to town to help with Christine, it forces several bad memories to the surface. Can she get over her feelings of abandonment to trust him with the baby?

- Season 7, Episode 11 - "The Family in the Feud"

As Booth and Brennan continue on the journey of parenthood, Bones facing new old different feelings about her relationship with her father was always going to be an important part of that process. In several Bones reviews recently, I’ve complained about the changing characterization of Booth’s memories of his father; but as defining as those are to his character, Bones’ history with her father is much more important to the show. This week Bones explored that story wonderfully.

As we have seen in the past couple weeks, Temperance Brennan isn’t having the easiest of transitions back into the work place, dealing with being separated from Christine. Booth may have thought that asking Max to fill in was a good idea, but it brought up more negativity in a time where mom was struggling enough as it was. Bones has actually handled the evolution of her relationship with Max in ways that showcase her emotional growth. While I think it was ill-advised for Booth to push things this way so early, it did encourage that growth.

As a big fan of the Battlestar Galactica reboot, I’ve listened to co-creator Ron D. Moore talk about the challenges of introducing technobabble into the script. As with BSG, similar technobabble is a critical part of the story when dealing with the high level of forensic science that takes place at the Jeffersonian. The cast as a whole, and TJ Thyne in particular, are rock stars at delivering those lines so naturally. Something else Thyne is also good at? Spitting out a mouthful of noodles.

I’ve said it before, but Bones is a better show anytime Patricia Belcher‘s Caroline Julian shows up. She’s the perfect modern-day curmudgeon, and has a wonderful dynamic with all of the cast. Why she has never been made a regular cast member is beyond me.

The minute we realized that the story this week included a Hatfield and McCoy’s aspect, it was inevitable that two of the younger members of the families would be in relationship. Considering it was only a couple of weeks ago that Bones cribbed the Bible, you’d think they wouldn’t have to go to the well again and crib Romeo and Juliet. Sure, on some level stories like this are archetypal and a part of our cultural fabric; that doesn’t mean that they always make for interesting pieces of a great television story.

Speaking of criticism – because I’m on a roll – there’s nothing that irritates me more than television and movies characterizing southerners as backwoods and stupid. SueBobb Mobley and Junior Babcock were way too stereotypically dumb.

Notes & Quotes

  • Call me corny, but I love it when a character realizes something in an instant, and reacts immediately to it, like when Bones apologized to Booth with a workplace kiss.
  • “This Babcock/Mobley is actually quite tame. The Garos of India would have a duel with an opposing family member, and then feast on the loser. Their cannibalism was responsible for some excellent recipes that are still in use today.” – Brennan
    “You know, you always look on the bright side of things, don’t you?” – Booth
  • I know that Bones is experienced with firearms, but early on, her wanting to carry one in the field was a point of contention. Did I miss something where that changed?
  • “Babcocks is savages.” – Norbert Mobley
    “Babcocks are savages.” – Brennan
    “See, she gets it.” – Mobley
  • “What, is it so terrible to have a dream?” – Hodgins
    “No, not when you’re in bed.” – Caroline
  • “You seem irritated.” – Sweets
    “Well, you’re irritating me. Didn’t they teach you, you know, how not to be irritating at shrink camp?” – Booth
    “University. You can’t really graduate Phi Beta Kappa from camp.” – Sweets


Photo Credit: Richard Foreman/FOX

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