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As if we need a special month to tell us to eat snack foods


pretzelsFebruary is National Snack Foods Month. Like a lot of food holidays/holimonths, snacks are one food group that we’re probably eating a lot of whether its February, July, or October. The question is, what exactly is a “snack food?”

Whenever I hear the word snack, I think of chips, candy, pretzels, peanuts, and several other not-particularly-good-for-you things that come in a bag or a box and you eat with your hands. But I supposed that it really depends where you were born and how you were brought up. I would guess that there are places in the world where a snack is sushi or bratwurst or roast duck. But I’m in America, and it’s all about the junk food.

What do you consider a snack food? What definitely isn’t a snack food? I’m going with clam chowder.

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