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Bring some veggies to your Super Bowl party without being a jerk – Hold the Meat

Looking for something reasonably healthy to eat at your Super Bowl party this weekend? This recipes make eating veggies while watching football awesome.

More than 22 dips to bring and serve

It’s OK to be a lazy cook. When you can bring or serve a scrumptious dip you made in your food processor in all of five minutes and it tastes as good as these do, what’s the harm?

Nigella Lawson’s red kidney bean dip – Recipe Test Drive

It was a special day for me when I found a unique bean dip that was easy to prepare and didn’t include chick peas or black beans.

Magical Matzah Rolls, the savior of Passover

Passover getting you down? Never want to eat anything unleavened ever again? Fear not, the Magical Matzah Rolls are here to save the day.

Homemade pretzels – the good, the bad and the spelt

If seven rambunctious kids can be on-task and having fun for 20 minutes straight, don’t you owe it to yourself to have a pretzel-making party?

Roasted red pepper white bean dip even pleases Dad

I’ve been feeling a little dippy lately … I’ve become obsessed with creating new dip recipes, and this roasted red pepper white bean dip is one of the keepers.

You can make 100-calorie snacks better than they can – Fresh Foodie

Instead of purchasing the nutritionless pre-packaged 100-calorie snacks, make your own with whole foods.

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