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Sour cream – Outside the Box

…er, make that “tub.” If you’re celebrating Cinco de Mayo with some delicious Mexican food, why not ditch the little plastic container filled with stabilizers, emulsifiers, and who knows what else, that you call “sour cream”? Yes, it is completely possible to make your own sour cream, and it is not only way yummier than […]

The ultimate margarita recipe

Back in the day, I was once a huge, Jimmy Buffett parrothead. For those of you not into the lingo, that means I was a big fan of his. I went to many concerts down at what was once called Great Woods in Mansfield, MA, starting as early as possible in the tailgating festivities. I […]

What’s cookin’ for Cinco de Mayo?

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone! Maybe you’ll be spending Cinco de Mayo out on the town, downing margaritas like lemonade. Perhaps you’re trying your hand at a little Mexican cooking at home, whipping up tacos or burritos. You could be getting takeout from Chipotle Grill or Moe’s. Keith and I will make taco salads and […]

Black bean and corn salad

I’m having another one of those weeks. You know, the ones where you don’t actually plan anything for dinner, but instead decide around 5:00 that you’ll whip up something amazing while your kid plays the Wubbzy game on PBS Kids‘ website. Amazing quickly becomes palatable, and you thank your lucky stars that you had the […]

Avocados are never perfectly ripe – Food Rant

It could definitely be just me. I seem to have trouble with finding the balance of ripeness, what with my banana issues and all. Maybe a life-long New Englander just isn’t fit to attempt bringing an avocado to ripeness. The Californians are laughing heartily right now, I’m sure…. Here’s the problem: here on the east […]

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