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Eureka – Stay Cool Under Pressure

Sci Fi

Sci Fi

I know that isn’t the proper title of the episode, but then, this isn’t a proper review. And really, the big story in last night’s episode wasn’t the election, or the star created by a nine year old that was threatening to go supernova. The big story was product placement taken to its ridiculous extreme.

I’ll say, I feel for the people behind the show. It’s apparent that they were stuck with this product placement deal, and were left to do the best they could with it. To that end, I suppose they did alright. They managed an entertaining episode, but man, it got rough when they had to jackhammer Degree into the picture. There was an exchange between Zane and Fargo that was especially uncomfortable.

The crates of Degree stacked everywhere on the GD set didn’t help matters. At one point there is one setting on top of a work bench. Clearly, it’s there for no other reason than to get it in the shot just right. Most annoying of all though was the phrase. Good lord, if I hear one more person say “Stay cool under pressure.”

I still like the show, and the people behind it. And I’m hoping that we’ve now weathered the storm and put these kind of shenanigans behind us. The other option, that this was a glimpse of the future of television, is just too depressing.

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