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FOX’s Breaking In brings Leverage to The Office

I got a chance to check out the first two episodes of the new FOX comedy ‘Breaking In’ recently. So far it seems third time’s a charm for Christian Slater’s television efforts.

by Keith McDuffee

Poll: What canceled series needs wrapping up the most?

A lot of TV series have been canceled, leaving us hanging. If you could see a wrap-up movie of any of them, which series would you choose?

by Debbie McDuffee

The WB + UPN = The CW – Clacking the dream week of primetime

TV shows may come and go, but we can always imagine what an ideal week’s lineup might look like. Let’s take a look at the dream primetime week from The WB, UPN, and The CW.

by Aryeh S.

Sons of Tucson puts Tyler Labine in the tool shed

‘Sons of Tucson’ premiered tonight, but I already caught it months ago. Why did I wait to write about it until now? Because I wanted it to grow on me, but it just never did.

by Keith McDuffee

How Reaper would have ended, straight from the creators

Want to know how CW’s ‘Reaper’ would have ended? So did I, so I went right to the source.

by Keith McDuffee

Castle – 9 meets 3 at dinner for 2

Holy smokes. There was a point in “The Third Man” where I was on the verge of being completely lost. But that’s a good thing, and another nod to the great mysteries at the heart of each episode. They really do go all out building in the various twists and turns. And, thankfully, they also […]

by Brett Love

Psych shouts-out to Reaper with Ray Wise’s guest appearance

“Do you think she has PTSD?” — “possessed” girl’s mother “I’m afraid this could be more serious than just a menstrual disorder.” — Shawn, as grief counselor Psych, as always, was stellar last night, and there were abundant quotables and a riotous homage to The Exorcist. It would have made a perfect Halloween episode, in […]

by Debbie McDuffee
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