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TV on DVD – NCIS, Gossip Girl, The Event, Off The Map

There are a few newer entires to have a look at this week, including ‘NCIS’, ‘NCIS LA’, ‘Gossip Girl’, ‘The Event’, ‘Off The Map’, and ‘Brothers & Sisters’. You’ll also find the OG ‘Prime Suspect’, ‘Upstairs Downstairs’, ‘Shark Men’, ‘Angry Beavers’, and ‘Garfield’.

by Brett Love

The television season that was – Wednesdays

While new series may have had a rough go of it this past season, I for one enjoyed the recently concluded year of television. Here’s what my TV Wednesdays looked like during the 2010-2011 season.

by Aryeh S.

Ratings Clack – The hammer falls as cancellations roll in

As we are on the eve of upfronts, news of cancellations and renewals is flying in. This week we take a look at the fates of some of those bubble shows, and ponder what Ashton Kutcher replacing Charlie Sheen on ‘Two and a Half Men’ means for the CBS Monday.

by Brett Love

Curb the Cancellation – What show do you want to see back? – Poll

The end of the regular television season is almost here, which means it is also time to find out if your favorite show will return in the fall. Will your favorite make the cut? Pick your favorite borderline show in CliqueClack’s Curb the Cancellation Poll!

by Carla Day

Ratings Clack – Basketball is still big and people hate Chaos

The NCAA scored for CBS, and then the CIA bombed for them. Over on cable, AMC released ‘The Killing’ to a modest premiere audience, but I’m more interested in what the numbers for the ‘Game of Thrones’ preview might mean.

by Brett Love

Quotation Marks – Bones, Being Human, Idol and Off the Map

Take a look back at the week in quotes, as the Clique offers up our favorites of the week. If we missed yours, share it in the comments!

by Keith McDuffee

Off the Map closes its doors, but is it for good?

Will this be the final episode of ‘Off the Map,’ or will we get a chance next season to see exactly how all of these cliffhangers work their way out?

by Ivey West
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