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Castle’s Firefly reunion subverts expectations

The big ‘Firefly’ reunion has finally come to ‘Castle.’ Castle goes partner shopping before realizing the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

by Ivey West

The Tick – Doug Katsaros, the man behind the theme and music – Interview

Things you never knew about the theme and score of an iconic FOX animated cartoon … straight from the music’s creator himself.

by Michael Noble

Philadelphia Comic Con: Nicholas Brendon panel

Nicholas Brendon talks about the ‘Buffy’ re-boot and his ‘Private Practice’ guest spot. Did you know Whedon originally wrote Captain Tightpants for Nicholas? Did you know Nick wants to join ‘Housewives of Orange County? ‘

by An Nicholson

Firefly – The week that was

We bring ‘Firefly’ week to a close by looking back at all of the shiny goodness we shared with you. Plus the best part of ‘Firefly’ (at least in my eyes) is finally revealed.

by Ivey West

Who’s the sexiest person on Serenity?

When bringing this question to my fellow staff members of CliqueClack, I got some interesting responses. On this last day of ‘Firefly’ Week, do you agree with us?

by Katie Schenkel

River & River – the sci-fi crossover series the world needs to see

I get a lot of ideas. Some are good, some are just ridiculous. Then there are some that are perfect in their ridiculousness. This is one of those ideas, just in time for ‘Firefly’ Week.

by Katie Schenkel

What’s Summer Glau’s best role? – Poll

The CliqueClack team has come together once again during ‘Firefly’ week to discuss nominations for Summer Glau’s best role. Vote in the poll and elaborate in the comments.

by Debbie McDuffee
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