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TV on DVD – Shameless, The Borgias, and Archer

The last release of the year includes ‘Archer,’ ‘The Borgias,’ ‘Shameless,’ ‘Jersey Shore,’ ’60 Minutes,’ ‘Todd Margaret,’ ‘Himawari,’ ‘Eden of the East,’ ‘Slayers,’ ‘D. Gray-man,’ ‘Heroic Age,’ ‘Dino Dan,’ ‘Peanuts,’ ‘Looney Tunes,’ and ‘Dora.’

by Brett Love

Don’t let Greendale Community College close its doors

We here at the exalted institution known as CliqueClack want to give our support to the college (and show) that gave us Inspector Spacetime, Magnitude and Annie’s Boobs.

by Katie Schenkel

Arrested Development the movie & 2012 TV series, says Hurwitz!

I know we’ve heard this before. I know we’ve been strung along for years. Could we finally, finally see the next chapter of the most lovable unlikable family in television?

by Katie Schenkel

Baltimore gets back in the TV game

After a dry spell, Baltimore gets back into the production game with a new HBO series starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

by Chuck Duncan

Poll: What TV series on DVD do you recommend?

The winter television hiatus is soon going to be upon us … what to do? How about watching a new show via DVD? Share your favorite series and get some ideas of new shows to watch.

by Carla Day

Medium – Buster Bluth is a jerk

It’s a night of a thousand guest-stars on ‘Medium.’ We have multiple murderers, Marie is having sex dreams and Allison is the worst match-maker ever. At least Tony Hale keeps both of his hands.

by Kona Gallagher

ER: The Complete 12th Season – DVD review

The DVD box set of ER season 12 displays the show at its weakest, and at its brightest.

by Richard Keller
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