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Poll: Favorite Hollywood star transitioning to TV

Who is your favorite Hollywood film star who transitioned successfully from film to TV? Is it Alec Baldwin, Kiefer Sutherland, or Kathy Bates?

by An Nicholson

Happy Endings – What’s in a name?

Two new episodes of ‘Happy Endings’ aired last night, one of which dealt with whether a name means anything — whether it’s one we’re given, or one we’ve adopted for ourselves.

by Rachel Blum-Jose

People that aren’t doing it: Non-romantic TV relationships that work

Guest clacker Brittany Frederick is back with a follow-up to her first fantastic post on not being into TV romances.

by Guest Clacker

A few of my favorite things 2010 style

Earlier this week, I talked the things I hated about the year in television, but today I try (and fail) to scrape together ten things that I love.

by Ivey West

Poll: What TV series on DVD do you recommend?

The winter television hiatus is soon going to be upon us … what to do? How about watching a new show via DVD? Share your favorite series and get some ideas of new shows to watch.

by Carla Day

Covert Affairs ends the season in big screen fashion

Last night’s two-part season finale didn’t disappoint. Deep cover operations, romance, reveals and Auggie’s awesomeness dominated ‘Covert Affairs.’

by Jeff Kirkpatrick

Comic-Con: The Event is coming

Jump on ‘The Event’ bandwagon early, folks … lest you become one of those who “wish they woulda”….

by Michael Noble
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