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The Bachelor’s hair raising adventures

‘The Bachelor’s’ hometown dates provide a whole lot of Meh with a bit of WTF? thrown in for good measure. When Hair is more interesting than Meet the Parents, you know it’s going to underwhelm.

by Jane Graves

The Bachelor – Kiss of the Spider Woman

How one woman hijacked a tacky reality show by doing what she does best: spinning a web of manipulation and making everything — and I do mean everything — all about her.

by Jane Graves

The Bachelor – Panama Jerk

Bachelor Ben begins to display his true colors in an episode that has something for everyone. Except maybe common sense and dignity.

by Jane Graves

The Bachelor’s full moon

Game on! Sport abounds in Puerto Rico as baseball — and Ben — are both played with predictable results. Can we call foul?

by Jane Graves

The Bachelor – Catch and release

Gorgeous mountain scenery. Lots of wine. Lots of whine. Girls behaving badly. And one boy struggling to make sense of it all. Just another trip to Bachelor-ville, y’all.

by Jane Graves

Quotation Marks – Leverage, The Simpsons and How I Met Your Mother

Join us as the Clique takes a look back at the week in television quotes. If we missed your favorite, be sure to share it with us in the comments!

by Ivey West

The Bachelor – Road trip to whine country

Here’s what we learn this week on America’s Favorite Dating Show: Girls are mean. Boys can be shallow. Too much wine can make people a little unhinged. And crouching behind a suitcase isn’t the best place to go to have a good private cry. Especially on a reality show.

by Jane Graves
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