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The Borgias – Jeremy Irons is the Worst. Pope. Ever.

If you’ve come to ‘The Borgias’ looking for the same guilty pleasures you got from ‘The Tudors’, you are in for a good time.

One Indian American’s look at NBC’s Outsourced

Do you love or hate the comedy set in a Mumbai call center? Here is one Indian American’s opinion. It’s not the Indian characters that need work, it’s the non-Indians.

Merlin – An episode review in iambic pentameter, “Ode to Merlin”

This week’s ‘Merlin’ review of “Queen of Hearts” is written in iambic pentameter. Yes, an English sonnet, dedicated to the fans of the show.

Sanctuary – Did you think Kate was an idiot? Think again.

Hey, I don’t even have to make up a nickname for this episode! “The Bank Job” will do just fine.

Sanctuary – I loved everything except the Twilight shout-out

“Firewall” left me intrigued by the creepy new abnormals and the cool ending. (And it’s about time someone at the Sanctuary went bonkers.)

Are you sticking with Sanctuary? Are you doing it for Amanda Tapping?

I was less than impressed with “Kali Pt. 3,” the season premiere of Amanda Tapping’s ‘Sanctuary.’ But here’s why I’m still watching.

Merlin – The battle for Camelot, now with a commentary track

Julia recaps the script of “The Tears of Uther Pendragon” as only she can do. I provide the analysis, DVD-commentary-track style.

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