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It’s the weekly Quotation Marks, Charlie Brown!

As the leftover turkey disappears from your refrigerator, check out the Clique's favorite TV quotes of the week.

Thanksgiving means turkey, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, and the Cowboys and Lions, but unfortunately also less new television. Fortunately (or perhaps not, as the reviews weren’t that great), we were graced with a new Charlie Brown special.

Take a look at the Clique’s favorite quotes this week. If we missed your favorite, be sure to share it in the comments section!

Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown (CartoonClack)

“I look forward to the day when I understand girls.” – Linus

Sanctuary (Review)

“Stop with the constant apologizing.” – Henry
“Sorry … my mother was Canadian.” – Gavin

“Oh, don’t worry, Gavin. I haven’t devoured a Canadian in months.” – Henry

“Don’t worry, mate, my Sex Pistols days are long gone.” – Declan

House (Review)

“Haven’t you heard? Everybody lies.” – Taub

“I like Naval stuff.” – Park
“I like their oranges and lint.” – House

” … I’d like to inquire as to exactly what procedure you intend to perform on the remains.” – Groundskeeper at cemetery
“Have you ever heard of the North American Man/Dead Boy Love Association?” – House

“I’ve prepared the corpse for you.” – Cemetery groundskeeper
“Thank you, Igor.” – House

“You’re an addict. And I’m an idiot for thinking that your addictions were limited to pills, antisocial behavior, and sarcasm.” – Wilson
[burps] Sorry, Vicodin repeating on me.” – House 

“We have a problem.” – Wilson
“Does it limp?” – Foreman

“What happened to your eye?” – Adams
“I grabbed Park’s ass.” – House

How I Met Your Mother (Review)

“The realtor staged the place with fake furniture and she wants us to check it out before the open house.” – Marshall
“Alright … can we at least do it on the fake bed?” – Lily
“I’m embarrassed you had to ask.” – Marshall

“You just went through a break-up. That’s usually when people do something crazy. If you were a girl, you’d have cut bangs and be dating you by now.” – Ted
“Bro, for what it’s worth: If we were both gay, you’d be my first call.” – Ted
“Would you mind calling Marshall, and telling him that, because….” – Barney
“No, this is only a scenario where just you and I are gay, not Marshall.” – Ted
“But if all three of us are gay, you’d pick me over Marshall, right?” – Barney
“If all three of us were gay? Girlfriend, all three of us would have some fun.” – Ted

“You could go it alone, like Mr. Drummond on Diff’rent Strokes.” – Ted
“Yeah, but that was the ’80s, when you could just swing by any inner city playground in your limo and scoop up some kids.” – Barney

“Do you have a baby guy? Did Guy the guy guy get you a baby guy?” – Ted

Death Valley

“Look, nobody hates the vamps more than I do. And I trust them about as far as I can throw them. Which is to say not very far. Unless, of course, one of them happens to be a dwarf. In which case my personal best happens to be sixteen feet. I did that one summer in New Zealand. That’s how I tore my rotator cuff. Little bastard wouldn’t ball up. Kept squirming. But I was a foreigner, so the judges weren’t hearing it. – Captain Dashell, giving the morning briefing


“Marcus … I’m going to be honest with you. [Crowd Boos] That doesn’t mean it’s going to be bad!!!” – Simon

The Sing Off 

“You perform like you were born on this very stage and we have come to your home and it’s your birthday or something.” – Sara Bareilles to Michael of the Dartmouth Aires

“The instructions would say: ‘Instant party. Just add water.'” – Shawn Stockman to the Dartmouth Aires

Photo Credit: WildBrain Animation Studios

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