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Coconut milk flan with palm sugar caramel

Yeah, you read that right – this is a completely dairy-free flan, which is impressive in and of itself. But would you believe it also has no refined sugar?

Pretty-much-foolproof custard pie

When you’re hankering for some home-made custard pie, might as well do it yourself. It’s just better that way.

This chocolate chip skillet cookie has taken over my life

It’s a giant cookie — c’mon, a GIANT COOKIE! Is there really anything more to say about this dessert?

How to get fond of fondue – the ultimate romantic meal

If the key to someone’s heart is through their stomach, then an intimate meal centered around two of the major food groups — cheese and chocolate — is the answer.

Five chocolate desserts … temptations abound

Yeah, it’s almost Valentine’s Day and I’m doing that stereotypical thing … searching for the perfect chocolate dessert. I know I don’t need an excuse to consume chocolate, but making something extra special for Valentine’s Day is selfishly romantic.

New Year’s Eve rack of lamb and baked lime custards – Lick My Lens

How wrong is it that instead of out partying with friends, I sit here at my laptop, reminiscing about the spectacular meal I ate just a few short hours ago? I guess it makes me a mother of a young child, over 40 and a definite foodie.

Seven recipes for holiday cookies and bars

If you bring a cookie tray with you wherever you go in December, this post is for you.

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