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Eight perfect Chili recipes – Recipe Roundup

Watching a football game expends a lot of energy. Feed your fan fervor with chili. Con carne, vegetarian, pork, chicken, spicy, green – the only recipes you’ll need are right here.

Almost-from-scratch chili

There are plenty of chili recipes out there and I’m sure they’re delicious, but if I had to choose one chili to eat for the rest of my life, it would be this; and it practically makes itself!

Ribeye with cherry tomato brie sauce, green beans and squash

Feast your eyes on our Friday night dinner. It was worth a little (and I mean a little) extra effort to have a special meal worthy of an entire bottle of red wine.

Beef tenderloin with blueberry sauce, spiced tomato gratin and chocolate nut cake – Recipe Roundup

These recipes just sort of fell into place and created a menu … I love it when that happens.

Snappy crunchy vegan coleslaw – Recipe Test Drive

I won’t go so far as to say that this coleslaw saved the cookout, but it was a welcome side dish that stood happy amongst a variety of good eats.

Scott Peacock’s slow baked tomatoes, enhanced with my extras

Scott Peacock thinks there’s a new American style of cooking in the works, which combines getting back to our roots with enjoying wholesome ingredients. I say he’s right.

Smoking hot ribs – Redneck Cooking

Did you grill this 4th of July? Have you thought about smoking ribs for your next outdoor cooking event? Check out my Red Hot Smoked Ribs to find out just how easy it is to make great smoked ribs.

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