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Let’s Get Baked


Magical Matzah Rolls, the savior of Passover

Passover getting you down? Never want to eat anything unleavened ever again? Fear not, the Magical Matzah Rolls are here to save the day.

Whole wheat versus white flour – Let’s Get Baked

One of the things I want to address before continuing with specific breads is flour: What kind of flour are you using? Because there is a big difference between baking with whole wheat flour and white flour. One major difference is nutrition. Whole wheat flours have more fiber and more nutrients. Using whole wheat flours […]

Bread Pudding: when the bread goes wrong – Let’s Get Baked

One of the most intimidating thing about making homemade bread is the fear that the bread won’t turn out. There are a couple of ways we can define the bread as not having turned out: The bread is burnt, or the yeast fails to rise at some part in the process, so instead of a […]

Italian bread – Let’s Get Baked!

Today, we are going to use a slightly different recipe from our first, basic bread dough recipe. However, the principles of that post still apply. I am sure that a lot has probably been written about Italian bread, variations on it, and treatises on what makes Italian bread different from other breads. I haven’t read […]

Bagels! – Let’s Get Baked

This week we’re going to make bagels — from scratch! I will repeat the recipe here, but if you would like detailed instructions on how to make dough from scratch, please see the first post I did for this column. Look for the recipe after the jump. I want to start by saying that I […]

How to make bread dough from scratch – Let’s Get Baked

A simple-to-follow recipe for making your own bread dough from scratch.

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