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Julia’s French toast pudding

Got a lot of old bread? This French Toast Pudding will use it all up and satisfy your sweet tooth as well.

In defense of Paula Deen

The Food Network cook says she’s not going to change her show just because she has diabetes. Good for her.

Blind dates with arugula – an anti-pretentious restaurant manifesto

Why exactly do restaurants try so hard to impress me? And why do they always do it with arugula?

Carob-coated rice cakes and the downfall of the universe

I’m still reeling from the total food shocker of earlier this week: someone please explain to me how it is possible that carob-coated rice cakes have 200 calories.

New Year’s Eve rack of lamb and baked lime custards – Lick My Lens

How wrong is it that instead of out partying with friends, I sit here at my laptop, reminiscing about the spectacular meal I ate just a few short hours ago? I guess it makes me a mother of a young child, over 40 and a definite foodie.

Seven recipes for holiday cookies and bars

If you bring a cookie tray with you wherever you go in December, this post is for you.

Heidi Swanson’s turnip green tart, or my swiss chard tart?

I don’t even know if this is a recipe test drive of a Heidi Swanson recipe or something I created based on her turnip green tart, but it was a delicious dinner.

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