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Dirty Mary – Bloody Mary Countdown

This week’s Bloody Mary recipe is fairly simple. Simple, yet delicious. My husband ordered a dirty martini a couple of weeks ago and asked for a shot of Bloody Mary mix. He drank down the martini enough to add the Bloody Mary mix, and pretty soon, five other customers in the bar were also drinking […]

What are you giving up for Lent?

It’s not just for Catholics anymore, if it ever was. I have several non-religious friends, and the topic du jour (particularly in Facebook status messages) is what people are giving up for Lent. Interestingly enough, a lot of decisions involve food. So far, the most popular decisions I’ve seen are giving up potato chips, eating […]

Gazpacho Mary – Blood Mary Countdown

The great thing about making a Gazpacho Mary is that most of the ingredients in Gazpacho can be found in your Bloody Mary mix or your vodka: hot sauce? In the mix. Pepper? In the vodka, if you choose Absolut PEPPAR. All you have to do is blend a cucumber into the mix and choose […]

Whole wheat versus white flour – Let’s Get Baked

One of the things I want to address before continuing with specific breads is flour: What kind of flour are you using? Because there is a big difference between baking with whole wheat flour and white flour. One major difference is nutrition. Whole wheat flours have more fiber and more nutrients. Using whole wheat flours […]

Taco Mary – Bloody Mary Countdown

Today, we are going to try Taco Marys! This is not to be confused with a Bloody Maria, which is made with tequila and bloody mary mix, rather than vodka. This week’s drink is designed to give you a few extra spices and a little bit of fire, so if you have a bad cold […]

Bread Pudding: when the bread goes wrong – Let’s Get Baked

One of the most intimidating thing about making homemade bread is the fear that the bread won’t turn out. There are a couple of ways we can define the bread as not having turned out: The bread is burnt, or the yeast fails to rise at some part in the process, so instead of a […]

Buffalo Marys – Bloody Mary Countdown

My husband Dereck loves Bloody Marys. He claims that he didn’t like them a few years ago, but now they are his favorite cocktail. He isn’t a snob: He will order one in a bar or restaurant. But his favorites are the ones he makes at home. Cooking relaxes Dereck, and so does playing around […]

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