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Make some blonde brownies tonight


blondebrowniesBlonde Brownie. Sounds like the name of a superhero. By day, Vera Crane is just another secretary holding down a nine-to-five job at a Manhattan corporation. But at night she becomes … The Blonde Brownie!

Today is National Blonde Brownie Day. These were always called Blondies when I was growing up (at least I think we’re talking about the same blonde dessert here). Here’s a recipe for Mom’s Blonde Brownies from Southern Food that uses both semi-sweet chocolate and walnuts. Here’s one for Blonde Brownies from AllRecipes that also uses chocolate chips, but a lot more chips than I remember being in a blonde brownie. Here’s one from E-How that uses pecans and no chocolate chips. That one is probably for the person who likes a more nutty/creamy brownie than one based on chocolate. It’s a nice change-up from the usual chocolate or fudge brownie.

For those of you looking for a healthy option, this recipe uses whole wheat flour, dark chocolate, and unsalted butter. Though I’m not sure why anyone would want a healthy brownie (and hey, butter is butter even if it is unsalted).

Oh, great. Last night I specifically bought the ingredients to make fudge brownies tonight but now I have a hankering for these. Oh well, off to the store again.

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