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The Watch – Unfunny and boring alien invasion comedy

‘The Watch’ isn’t funny enough to be a comedy, isn’t exciting enough to be an action movie, and there isn’t enough of a story to really be a movie.

Step Up Revolution will have you dancing in your seat

A professional flash mob takes to the streets of Miami to win some cash, but ultimately learns what the power of dance can do in ‘Step Up Revolution.’

Amber Benson screens Dust Up at SDCC

Amber Benson stars in a little film called ‘Dust Up’, screened for a small group of us at this year’s Comic-Con. I, for one, walked out pleasantly surprised.

Singin’ in the Rain – What a glorious feeling

You’ll want to sing and dance in the rain after seeing the new 60th anniversary edition of ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ now available on Blu-ray!

The Dark Knight Rises – It was terrible!

Like Tim Burton’s ‘Batman Returns,’ ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ shows that smart people can make bad movies. ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ lacked the strong writing, sharp dialogue, and well-developed plot of the previous Nolan Batman flicks.

Outland – Sean Connery is the new sheriff … on Io

Warner Brothers brings another fondly remembered movie to Blu-ray for the first time, but does ‘Outland’ stand the test of time?

The Dark Knight Rises – Great movie, but not quite the greatest Batman movie

“The Dark Knight Rises” is an excellent conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, with plenty of action and a pretty engaging plot.

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