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Sparkle – Jordin Sparks shines, but the music is the real star

There is a touch of sadness that comes with watching ‘Sparkle,’ but Jordin Sparks’ diamond-in-the-rough performance and the glorious music are sure to lift your spirits.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green fails to impress

Disney’s ‘The Odd Life of Timothy Green’ tries hard to pull on your heart-strings, but forgets to make a good movie while doing so.

The Bourne Legacy – A high octane adventure that runs out of gas

Jeremy Renner steps into Matt Damon’s shoes in ‘The Bourne Legacy,’ a fast-paced action flick that leaves you with one question at the end: That’s it?

The Campaign – Heavy on laughs, light on meaning

‘The Campaign’ is a very funny movie, but it fails at its attempts at sincerity.

Celeste and Jesse Forever – Quirky romantic comedy that’s just okay

‘Celeste and Jesse Forever’ is a reasonably funny, fairly moving, and somewhat clever movie that is also a bit of a mess.

Total Recall is a surprisingly good action flick

‘Total Recall’ sets itself apart from the 1990 original by delivering incredible visuals and non-stop action.

Travel down The Happy Road with Gene Kelly

Have you ever wondered what became of those old movies you used to see on TV? The Warner Archives has the answer as we take a look at ‘The Happy Road.’

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